Meet Haylee Scott: An exemplary stage manager

By Vanessa H. Fardin

Haylee Scott
Photograph by Melissa Ray

Theatre and performance studies senior Haylee Scott realized that theater was her fuel while she was stage-managing a production of “Beauty and the Beast” during her senior year at Rockdale County High School. “While growing up, I actually wanted to be a veterinarian or a midwife,” Haylee says, “but I became drawn to theater because of its communal aspect and the sense of family within the cast and crew.”

Haylee chose to attend Kennesaw State University after speaking with Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Jamie Bullins at a Georgia Thespian Conference. “He told me I would be able to do a lot more at KSU than at other schools, and it has proven true,” she says. “Students at KSU are given the opportunity to get involved. We have some of the most talented students and faculty at KSU. I fell in love with them because they encourage you to be the best that you can be.”

Since her freshman year, Haylee has participated in several theater productions. In addition to her position as president of the National Honorary Theatre Society’s KSU chapter, she has managed such productions as “The Laramie Project,” “Fuddy Meers,” “Lysistrata,” and the re-adaptation of Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” in Morocco this summer. “Going to Morocco was an eye-opening experience,” she says, “and it made me aware of the world around me. KSU also won the competition, and we were not expecting such an honor.”

Haylee decided to pursue stage management over other fields because of her passion for organization, accountability and responsibility. She is dedicated to creating professional and productive environments and applies the standards of the Actors' Equity Association during rehearsals. Haylee also maintains that respect is one of the most important elements of a work environment. “My approach to gaining respect is simple, but often overlooked. To earn respect, it is important that you first give that respect, and not go into the production process expecting it.”

Haylee also believes that the human communication and relations aspect of stage management outweighs the technicalities because “being viewed as a human stage manager with a heart is more important than being viewed as a cold machine that rigidly follows every single rule and regulation in the book. Finding that balance between soft and easygoing and firm and inflexible is my key to effective stage management,” she says.

“Haylee is a tremendous asset to the department and the university community,” says Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Jane Barnette. “Her engagement with the students, through her leadership of Alpha Psi Omega and as an exemplary stage manager for many of our productions, inspires other theatre and performance studies majors to conduct themselves with the integrity and grace she embodies.”

Associate Professor Dean Adams describes Haylee as “kind but firm, serious yet has a wonderful sense of humor. She navigates well between the faculty, staff and student worlds. I look forward to working with her again on our 2010 production of ‘Bat Boy the Musical.’”

Haylee believes that graduating from KSU next year will be her greatest accomplishment. She plans to attend graduate school in the northeast and wants to work as a stage manager for the Actors' Equity Association.


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