Posting Date: September 18, 2009

Meet Stevie Roushdi: Setting the stage and dimming the lights

By Jonquil Harris

Stevie Roushdi
Photograph by Melissa Withers

Stevie Roushdi, a senior theatre and performance studies major, arrived at Kennesaw State University two years ago with her focus on the realm of technical theater. In her time at KSU, Stevie has enhanced her resume with a role as assistant scenic designer for last year’s KSU production of “Everything That Rises Must Converge,” and she also did props for the play “Lysistrata.” She has begun her most recent position as assistant scenic designer on the set of “The Comedy of Errors,” which opens in October.

Although not a native of Georgia, Stevie attended Collins Hill High School in Lawrenceville and went on to obtain her associate degree from Georgia Perimeter College. A lot of thought and emotion went into her decision to attend KSU. She says, “Every time I would visit the school and attend a show, I was impressed by the preparedness that went into the productions. I got the feeling that everyone truly enjoyed what they were doing, and that was the type of environment I wanted to be a part of.”

Stevie also appreciated the “exquisiteness” of the campus and the close proximity to her home. Once she began her studies at KSU, she felt welcomed by her peers and professors. “I fit in really well with the people in the department, and I feel as if I have been here the entire time. I also appreciate the opportunities I have had to work on shows. I know that I could not get this same experience at other universities.”

Her mother’s side of her family is comprised of dancers, singers and musicians and Stevie is the first one to break into this theatrical lane. She cites British musician Freddie Mercury as an influencer who has changed the field of music, and he has fostered her belief that “it is important to try and bring something new to whatever you choose to do in life and make it your own.” On campus, Stevie looks to her advisor, Associate Professor and TPS Production Manager Jamie Bullins, as influential. He has helped her become aware of various opportunities and actually encouraged her to pursue the role for “The Comedy of Errors.” She also credits TPS Resident Dramaturg Jane Barnette and Assistant Professor Hannah Harvey for their teaching styles. “I’ve learned a lot about theater, theory and the history of theater. Their teachings have made me enjoy it that much more.”

Although school keeps her busy, Stevie finds time to lend her skills to Dad’s Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta. She is currently assisting with the lighting design for their upcoming production “The Dad’s Garage Going Out Of Business Show.”

Graduation is soon approaching for Stevie and she has plans to move to California. Realizing that she will be just south of San Francisco, which is a hub for theater, she is considering a master’s degree in theater history, but also wants to leave her options open to whatever adventurous things may come her way.


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