Posting Date: October 14, 2011

Meet Molly Gilmartin: Actress, Creative Mind and Educator

By Stephen Chamblee


Molly Gilmartin

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Molly in "Melancholy Play"

Molly Gilmartin never felt like she had a big decision to make when choosing what to do with her life. Since her high school days, her love for theater just naturally progressed from an interest to a major, and soon to a career. She says, "I just started doing it, and it snowballed."

A native of the Kennesaw area, Molly initially became interested in KSU's theater program because it was close to home. However, she soon realized she couldn't have found a better place to develop her talents. "It was convenience at first,” Molly says. “Now I can't see myself anywhere else."

Molly has her hands in a number of projects around KSU's Wilson Building. She is a student, an actress, an assistant stage manager, a member of the KSU Tellers and she works in the department office. She has been an assistant stage manager for the productions of "Annie Get Your Gun," "Fences" and "Dark Forest," and really enjoys the behind-the-scenes work the job entails. Recently, she performed in "Melancholy Play," a work by one of her favorite contemporary playwrights, Sarah Ruhl.

As a member of the KSU Tellers, Molly is involved in both the creative and the performance side of the group. Charles Parrott, assistant professor of theater and performance studies says, "I often rely on Molly to help create KSU Tellers events. She has a great aesthetic sensibility and good eye for detail. Perhaps most importantly, she is fun person to work with; her enthusiasm is infectious."

Molly has worked with Parrott on a number of projects, including an upcoming event entitled "Frankenstein'd." For this work, Molly says she, along with Parrott and the other Tellers, will be "doing improv, and then writing a script based on that improv." She has also written a number of personal narratives, one of which she performed before a panel at the Southern States Communications Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas and intends to build into a one-woman show.

Molly’s love of theater and storytelling extend beyond the KSU campus. She taught kids how to write their own personal narrative at a series of clinics at Marietta Middle School. In the summer of 2010, she went to Ireland, through the KSU study abroad program, to study at the Gaiety School, the national acting school of Ireland.

While she graduates next year, Molly already has a lot of good memories at KSU to look back on. "Seeing the school grow, the way it has over the four years I have been here, has been pretty miraculous," she says.

After graduation Molly would like to work as an actor and a stage manager in the Atlanta area.  She eventually sees herself teaching high school theater. She is confident her prospects for achieving these goals are bright, thanks to her professors and colleagues who have prepared her during her time at KSU. "The amount of care and concern that the professors instill in the theater students is really nice. We do set the bar pretty high, which leaves our future employers in Atlanta more impressed with KSU students," Molly says.



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