Posting Date: November 10, 2010

Meet Cameron Dix: Fashionably Dramatic
By Brian Tucker

Cameron Dix

Photos by Sarah Singleton

When Cameron Dix was in high school, her self-professed "odd sense of style" set her apart from the crowd. It was her unique experimentation with fashion which led one of her teachers to ask her to design the costumes for a drama production.

"I'd never thought of doing costuming before, because I'd always been so focused on fashion. With costuming, I can do creative things that people actually wear without being looked at weird," Cameron shares. "But I knew going to a fashion school would be very difficult in Georgia." That is where KSU came into the picture. "I wasn't aware that it's the third largest university in Georgia. I don't feel like it's a big school; I feel like the faculty takes care of me. I made sure my younger sister came here as well."

Cameron is matter-of-fact when it comes to discussing her accomplishments as a costume shop intern in the Department of Theatre, Performance Studies & Dance: "I'm always on time. I'm a very good student, and I'm both left- and right-brained, so I'm able to solve problems and create. When I designed for 'Out at Sea' this fall, I was able to bring my point of view and integrate it with something else. I really love collaborating, and I got to work with another designer on the show."

Cameron is quick to cite this show in particular as her stand-out moment in costuming thus far: "Seeing 'Out at Sea' and having the boys come and try on their costumes in the costume shop and noticing that their outfits matched my renderings perfectly was very rewarding. I was so excited that something I'd created was actually on stage. I made sure my parents attended, and I was really proud to see something of mine come to life."

Associate Professor Jamie Bullins, shares, "Cameron is a fresh face in the department with a very sharp mind and wit. She has a keen sense of design and a great ability to focus on the task at hand."

Cameron, who is currently a junior, is a recipient of the Henry County Foundation Scholarship. As for her future endeavors, she hopes to continue the Etsy shop of vintage clothes which she has been operating for more than two years. "I really love designing, but I'm not sure that's what I'll end up doing full-time. I have a business minor, so I'd really like to have a second-hand shop where I also sell hand-designed garments."

Whatever she decides to do, one thing is for sure: Cameron will do it in a fashionably dramatic way.


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