Meet Caroline Harrison:

Things to Do, Places to Go
By Teresa Bagwell

Theatre and performance studies senior Caroline Harrison thrives on stage performance—connecting to the audience and feeding off that energy. As she articulates, “Shakespeare still speaks to people. Something in those characters relates to the human spirit across culture, time, political differences, and oceans. It’s wonderful to be a part of that.” 


Since coming to KSU, Harrison has participated in over a dozen productions, not all Shakespearean. She is always stretching her boundaries, expanding into modern performances that incorporate contemporary issues, media, special effects, etc.  For that, she is grateful to the wide variety of experience and expertise provided by the theatre department’s faculty. “They offer everything from Shakespeare, Beckett, and the Theatre of the Absurd to solo and modern performance. The faculty is fantastic.  They’re not stuck in academe; they’re actually out there doing what they teach.”


Harrison’s “things to do and places to go” list never ends, but she’s made quite a dent on it already. One of the biggest items she’s accomplished on that list is the Summer Study Abroad for Gaiety School of Acting, an intense program held at one of Ireland’s premiere acting schools. Through her continued contact with the school’s director, she hopes to work in Ireland for a year or two after graduation.


Another great experience for Harrison was working as the marketing director for the Connecticut Theatre Festival last summer. She was in charge of newspaper and radio ads, postcard announcements, flyers, and other publicity duties. Now she’s employed in the KSU Office of Audience Services to gain even more behind-the-scenes skills. Harrison’s marketing minor has proven to be the perfect asset and ensures she’ll always find work connected to the theatre. 


As co-president of the KSU chapter of Alpha Psi Omega (the national theatre honor society), Harrison coordinates enrichment activities for both the chapter members and the community-at-large.  Activities range from taking the local chapter to attend shows at Dad’s Garage to staging a free live performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show to over 200 KSU students.  Her current efforts include bringing in guest workshops that will benefit all theatre students.


Harrison is also a founding member of the KSU Tellers, a storytelling troupe formed by Dr. Hannah Harvey.  A cast of eight will perform “The Hero’s Journey” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland next August.  As Harrison says, “This is the biggest festival for theatre on the planet,” and she’s thrilled to participate.

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