Meet Andrew Puckett: Immersed in the Arts
By Jarmea Boone


Andrew at a Fernbank storytelling performance.

Drawn to solo theatrical performance, playwriting, poetry composition and writing narratives, Andrew Puckett is immersed in the arts.

One of Andrew’s fondest childhood memories involves movies. “My father covered one wall of my bedroom in shelves and filled them with movies, creating an extensive library of cinema. I became quite the movie fan.”

Andrew continued to foster an intense excitement for theatre while in high school. As an audience member for “Equus” at a Georgia Thespian Conference, Andrew felt a pulling energy from the stage performers. “I wanted to be them. I witnessed the power and potential of theatre to spark change, to illustrate, define, shatter, heal and build.”

However, coming to Kennesaw State University for theatre was a casual decision for Andrew, even after he received the Betty and Joel Siegel Theatre Scholarship during his freshman year. “I knew several people from my high school who were attending the university. I came to KSU to knock out some core classes.” But this decision proved to be a turning point in his love for theatre. “It wasn’t until I worked with Susan Reid on ‘The Shape of Things’ that I became aware of the fact that the theatre and performance studies department at KSU is one of the most respected, competent and active departments of theatre in the state, as far as undergraduate work is concerned.”

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April 15-20, 2008.

Andrew’s KSU production résumé is lengthy and worthy. He has not only appeared in “The Shape of Things,” but has also performed in “The Laramie Project,” “Beowulf,” “The Robber Bridegroom,” “Howie the Rookie” and will play the character Starbuck in the upcoming April production of “Moby-Dick.”

“I adore the foundation of our early rehearsals, exploring through improv, dialect work and examining other adaptations of ‘Moby-Dick,’” he said. But “Beowulf” has been Andrew’s favorite production to work on thus far. “I had the opportunity to assist in the adaptation of the text, the revision of the text, creation for movement and concept—playing with the fine line between storytelling and theatre—and finally presenting it at the International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland this past summer. To be able to participate in the creation of a piece at so many stages is a rarity and an absolute treat.”

Andrew is influenced and awed by his professors’ passion in channeling their students’ joy in the art. “Prof. Harrison Long attentively carves out the raw potential in young actors by demanding honest interaction between players and a meticulous analysis of any projected reality. Dr. Hannah Harvey inquires as to the myriad of possibilities within any solo performance and constantly seeks and provides avenues by which to explore storytelling and the spoken word.” Andrew also expressed gratitude to his professors through advice for aspiring theatre students: “Get to know your professors—they serve as your mentors and are a fantastic connection to a continuously blossoming theatrical community.”

After graduating, Andrew hopes to work in the Atlanta area and eventually travel overseas as an actor, playwright, storyteller and musician. “I’d also like to become much more altruistic,” he stated.



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