Meet Dorisz Tatar: The Power of Theatre
By Jarmea Boone

From her early days in her home country of Hungary, Dorisz Tatar has loved theatre. Today, she is a theatre production major at Kennesaw State University with aspirations to become a theatrical scenic designer. She worked on the Kennesaw State production of  “Out of the Dark” last semester and is currently working on “Fuddy Meers.”

At first glance, few would guess that Dorisz suffered a large language barrier, and the harsh discouragement that came with it, and moved thousands of miles from her family to pursue her dream.

Dorisz’s love for theatre stemmed from her grandmother’s own love and fascination for the art’s transforming qualities. Her grandmother found theatre to represent hope, and visiting the theater daily helped her cope with and escape from the grief of her mother’s death. This ancestral background has inspired Dorisz’s theatrical pursuits.

Four years ago, Dorisz was a high school student living in Hungary with dreams of going to a university in the United States. To get to America, Dorisz received training as a nanny and was sent to the United States. “It worked out for me because I was able to learn the language. I watched TV and videos and tried to read books.”

After a rough start, Dorisz's language skills continued to develop during her time at KSU. She knew that she had finally gained an understanding of English only when she no longer had to translate everything.

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Dorisz loves working with stage lighting and in other behind-the-scenes positions because she considers scenic designers to have the unique power to move the actors. “If I put a table here, the actors have to move around it,” she demonstrated. She appreciates the backstage culture of productions because “everyone has such an important part.” Her position as scenic designer alone involves “lots of research, lots of sketching, lots of colors, like what does red symbolize?”

Dorisz first immersed herself in theatre at KSU as spotlight operator for the play, “King of Hearts.” She said, “I saw the play 11 times. These guys are professional—all of the student actors.” Dorisz hopes she can reach people and help them travel to the places she creates onstage, just as her grandmother would escape through theatrical atmosphere before her. “You can change people’s lives with the performance, with the music, with the lights, and with the scenery, too. I want to help people.”

Dorisz plans to move to New York after graduation to continue to pursue her career goals. “I don’t want to be ‘famous.’ Just happy. I’m happy right here,” she says with a big grin. Dorisz believes she is truly on the right path. Her advice to other students is “Don’t let anyone tell you ‘You can’t do it.’ Just do it. Do everything to get there. Believe in yourself. Do what you love and, then, you will be successful.”


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