Meet Dru Jamieson: A Passion for Theatre
By Jarmea Boone

Photo by Patrick Bowling

Dru Jamieson, a theatre and performance studies major at Kennesaw State, has ambitions for stage and film acting. Dru’s delightful honesty and tough, yet endearing qualities make him a natural at acting onstage and at embodying almost any character. However, while growing up, theatre and performance wasn’t at the forefront of Dru’s mind.

In high school, Dru was planning to become a history major and teach after college. “I really just kind of fell into theatre,” Dru admits. He received a scholarship from the Southern Order of Storytellers, and decided to become a theatre and performance studies major in his freshman year at KSU. “I like theatre because it is fun to watch. I love performing, and it’s something I’m good at. Lots of people spend their whole lives doing something that they’re not passionate about. You only live once.”

Although Dru now has lots of experience onstage, he recalls having a rough start. “I started theatre fresh in college. My first show ever was ‘All in the Timing’ in 2001. I was awful. I couldn’t stand still, and my knees always shook horribly.” But, as demonstrated by his subsequent theatrical successes, he was determined to overcome his nerves, gain experience and pursue his newfound love.

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April 15-20, 2008.

Dru has grown into acting over the years through classes, acting experience and researching the business of the art. He also balances work with his studies. The upcoming show, “Moby-Dick” is Dru’s 16th production at KSU. He has performed in the past performances of “The Decameron,” “The Grapes of Wrath,” “Pippin,” “King of Hearts,” “Spoken Word” and “Out of the Dark,” just to name a few. “I learn something from each one,” he said. Dru is most proud of his ability to improvise through mistakes onstage and during live performance: The trick is “for you to be the only one who knows you dropped a line or made a mistake.”

Dru is thrilled about the culture of the arts at KSU. “Everything is enormously exciting around here. There is the new performing arts center, our new black box theater is being built, and a new art gallery is also on the way. You see a continuously growing interest in the overall student population.” Dru feeds off of surrounding positive energy and feels that KSU’s flourishing arts culture makes the students feel like they work and play in a concerned, encouraging community.

Dru’s supportive background includes several of his professors, who he sees as mentors. “Dr. John Gentile has really helped me grow and develop as a storyteller. Dean Adams helped me listen and take some direction in the acting department. Jamie Bullins has helped me by networking my talents to outside directors and theatres.”

Associate Professor Bullins, who is also the production manager for the department, proudly spoke of Dru’s growth as a mature performer and young man. “Dru is a very conscientious guy with a great work ethic. I’ve been here since he was a freshman and it’s been exciting to watch Dru’s growth as a performer. The faculty often refer to him as a success story for us because he has become a very talented and quite capable performer.”



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