Meet Jason Turner: On His Way
By Julie Senger

Jason Turner is a goal setter. He set a goal to become an actor who has a firm foundation in education in addition to honing his acting skills. Since he graduated from Kennesaw State with his bachelor of arts degree in theatre and performance studies in December, he can check that off of his list. But Jason isn’t done.

Getting his degree from KSU is just one important part of Jason’s “to do” list. He says, “I want to be a working actor who can bridge the gap between film and theatre.” In order to further his education and increase his exposure, Jason is aiming for the University of Southern California’s competitive graduate program for actors. Jason says that USC gets “about 20,000 applications. They narrow those down to about 700 applicants and audition them. I’m in that 700 and I’ll be auditioning in Chicago in February.” After the audition, the applicants are narrowed down to 30 who then fly out to Los Angeles for two days of training. From the pool of 30, USC will only make 10 offers.

While his upcoming graduate school audition process can sound daunting, Jason remains confident in his own abilities and those of the KSU faculty who have helped to prepare him for his next step. He calls Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Dean Adams “my main man. He has counseled me on what choices are the best ones for what I want to do.” Adams and Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Karen Robinson are currently coaching Jason on the two monologues that he will perform for his audition in February. Jason admits that he is very pleased with the skills and knowledge he has acquired at KSU and says, “the program here touches on all types of acting, so you learn every genre and what it entails.”

In fact, the reason Jason chose to come to KSU is because of its theatre faculty. He believes that “if KSU’s faculty has come from NYU, Florida State, Northwestern or Bowling Green, then its like you get to go to all of those schools because that’s where they bring their knowledge from.”

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"Moby Dick"

April 15-20, 2008.

Jason’s resume is already incredibly long. He is currently rehearsing for KSU’s spring production of “Moby Dick,” in the role of Queequeg. In Atlanta, Jason has acted in locally produced films “Dark Remains” and “I Am the Bluebird.” Jason also touts himself as Atlanta’s “industrial film king” since he has performed in many instructional films for clients such as The U.S. Army and AT&T. Before enrolling at KSU, he and his identical twin brother were named “America’s hottest twins” on the Jenny Jones Show and lived in New York City, where they modeled for Tommy Hilfiger.

With his KSU education behind him and promising opportunities ahead, Jason is definitely “going in the right direction. I am doing what I set out to do.”




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