Meet Justin Tanner: A Man of Some Importance
By JoAnn Jordan

Theatre and Performance Studies student Justin Tanner has already tasted success in the Atlanta theatre scene. In 2005, he appeared in “A Man of No Importance” at Theatre Gael. Not only was it ranked one of the top ten Atlanta productions that year, but it also earned him a cover photo in David magazine. This past season, he played the title role in “Aladdin” at the Alliance Theatre,  one of the most important regional theatres in the South.

ut he is not resting on the laurels of that success. Justin just spent a summer session at the Alliance working with “Aladdin” director Rosemary Newcott at an Institute for Educators. “We worked with teachers and taught them skills to take back and make their drama classes more lively and fun. It was a lot of fun and they enjoyed it, too,” he said.

Justin is a senior at KSU for the Fall 2007 semester. Besides taking classes, he plans to audition for the KSU production of “Pajama Game,” as he is particularly eager to work with guest artist Hylan Scott. “I also want to audition for “Seussical” at the Alliance Theatre in the spring of 2008,” he added.

Studying at KSU has been invaluable to Justin. The varied subject matter of the plays, and that they are presented so professionally are part of the attraction for him. “Number one is the professors. They know what they are doing. They are actually doing theatre work while they are teaching theatre.”

Besides finishing his B.A. degree at KSU, Justin hopes someday to be on Broadway. “I’d like to take a crack at it. I would like to be around the best of the best—to be where the bar is set and I have to rise to the occasion. I’d also like to do tours around the U.S. and Europe. I want it all,” he laughed.

However, Justin sees the Atlanta area as his real home. “I’m a Georgia boy at heart,” he said. “My family is here and, after too long, being away gets lonely. I’d like to be able to make a decent living in theatre. Wherever that leads me is fine.”


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