Meet Trevor Goble: "Peter Pan" and "Renfield" rolled into one
By Liza Scales


(Below) Trevor, as a member of the KSU Tellers, performing an excerpt from one of his stories.

Photos by Lauren Highfill

Card tricks, playing guitar, telling stories, ultimate Frisbee—these are just a few of the interests of freshman theatre and performance studies major Trevor Goble. Several theatre schools competed for Trevor. What put KSU at the top of his list? He said, “That’s easy—KSU was the best. It has a good variety of different styles and the only storytelling program out of all the schools I considered.” At KSU, Trevor was awarded the KSU Freshman Foundation Scholarship, the largest scholarship the department offers.

Childhood storytelling festivals are where Trevor’s love for theatre began. Kennesaw State has a storytelling group called the KSU Tellers, an audition-based program of 12 students who create a collection of personal narratives of stories, and travel to various venues to perform. Trevor has distinguished himself with the Tellers, while having “lots of fun.” Assistant Professor Hannah Harvey, who leads the group, recognized Trevor’s talent, and encouraged him to choose KSU. He feels a connection with her because, “She started her theatre career in storytelling, as I did. Also, she’s my advisor and helps me keep my life organized!”

Storytelling is important to Trevor because it reminds him of his childhood. “Storytelling keeps people young,” he said. Even though storytelling is his passion, Trevor’s goal is to become involved in all production aspects of theatre and learn as much as he can about everything while at KSU. He most recently had a role in the old men’s chorus in KSU’s production of “Lysistrata.”

In high school, Trevor participated in many theatre productions. He explained that his favorite role by far was Renfield from “Dracula.” “I was always playing a nerd, so Renfield, the insane servant of Dracula was really fun.” He also participated in all-state choruses, dance workshops, several sports and taught a movement class at a summer camp for children.

Trevor’s hard work and enthusiasm for his studies at KSU are inspiring to those around him. He loves life and wants to enjoy it to the fullest. When asked about how he likes living on campus, he said the new dorms are designed perfectly to encourage a social life. “I’m an open and caring person, and I like to make friends.”


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