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Auditor – To attend as an audit student requires admission to KSU.  Auditing a course costs the same as taking a course for credit.  Normal deadlines apply. Auditors attend classes and may participate in course assignments but are not graded and do not receive degree credit for completing the audited courses.

            Steps to Apply:

  1. Submit an application to KSU online at  This requires completing the application and submitting with a $40 application fee.
  2. Provide an official High School transcript reflecting graduation or equivalency OR official transcript from an accredited college or university showing credits earned
  3. Follow the status of your application on the application status check.

Students are not permitted to receive retroactive credit at any future date for their participation in a course as an auditor nor change from an audit to a credit status while enrolled in a course. Audited courses are counted at full value in computing the student’s load for fee purposes. A student wishing to change his/her classification from an auditor to a degree-seeking student must reapply for admission for a future term in the appropriate category and meet all pertinent requirements and deadlines.

Audited courses do not qualify for educational benefits or financial assistance under the social security laws, veterans and other federal and state programs.


Important Resources:


Application Status Check


NOTE:  All enrolling students must provide the University System of Georgia proof of immunization to the Kennesaw State University Immunization Department. For more information please visit the immunizations page.  Also, all applicants who apply for in-state tuition must provide lawful presence verification.