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KSU/SPSU Consolidation Frequently Asked Questions


Kennesaw State University (KSU) and Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) will consolidate to form a new university in 2015. The consolidated institution, named Kennesaw State University, is estimated to enroll more than 30,000 students, pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.


We encourage you to read through this website of Frequently Asked Questions. This website will be updated in a timely manner in conjunction with the consolidation efforts.


Where should I apply?

Students should apply to the institution hosting their respective program of interest, until the consolidation is complete and both schools are operating as one institution. 


We will be keeping students up to date on application procedures as we move closer to finalizing the consolidation.


Kennesaw State University- Admissions               


Southern Polytechnic State University-Admissions


What are the admissions deadlines and requirements?

Until both universities processes are fully unified, we urge students, student counseling staff and parents to follow the deadlines and requirements of the respective universities - KSU or SPSU, in which you are applying.  The deadlines and requirements can be found on each university’s respective Admissions websites posted above.


We will inform applicants of any changes to admissions standards that would require additional documentation or information.


Where should I register for a campus tour or vist?

We recommend visiting the institution that currently hosts your major or program of interest.  Please feel free to visit both campuses for a full experience of the new KSU.





What majors will be offered?

A current list of majors and programs for each university can be found here:


KSU Program and Majors              


SPSU Majors and Programs


The academic departments and colleges, along with their respective majors that are currently envisioned for the unified institution, that are still subject to approval are:


College of Architecture and Construction Management
• Architecture
• Construction Management


College of the Arts
• Art
• Art Education
• Art History
• Dance
• Music
• Music Education
• Music Performance
• Theater and Performance Studies


Michael J. Coles College of Business
• Accounting
• Business Administration
• Economics
• Finance and Quantitative Analysis
• Information Systems
• Information Security and Assurance
• Management and Entrepreneurship
• Marketing
• Professional Sales


College of Computing and Software Engineering
• Applied Computer Science
• Computer Science
• Computer Game Design and Development
• Information Technology
• Software Engineering


Leland and Clarice C. Bagwell College of Education
• Birth through Kindergarten Education
• Elementary and Early Childhood Education
• Secondary and Middle Grades Education


Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering & Engineering Technology
• Apparel Textile Technology (Fashion Design & Product
• Civil Engineering
• Civil Engineering Technology
• Computer Engineering Technology
• Construction Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering Technology
• Environmental Engineering Technology
• Industrial Engineering Technology
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering Technology
• Mechatronics Engineering (Robotics)
• Surveying and Mapping
• Systems Engineering
• Telecommunications Engineering Technology


WellStar College of Health and Human Services
• Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality
• Exercise Science
• Health and Physical Education
• Human Services
• Sport Management
• Nursing


College of Humanities and Social Sciences
• African and African Diaspora Studies
• Anthropology
• Communication
• Criminal Justice
• English
• Geographic Information Science
• History
• History Education
• International Affairs
• Modern Language and Culture
• Philosophy
• Political Science
• Interdisciplinary Studies
• New Media Arts
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Technical Communication


College of Science and Mathemamtics
• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Biology Education
• Chemistry
• Chemistry Education
• Environmental Science
• Physics
• Physics Education
• Mathematics
• Mathematics Education


University College
• Integrative Studies


College of Continuing and Professional Education

There will be no single departmentally-based organizational structure within the College of Continuing and Professional Education. The College will work closely with local businesses, the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, other chambers of commerce, and academic colleges to create continuing and professional educational programs for the new Kennesaw State University that serve the community.





Graduate College

Because graduate degree programs will be based within academic departments, there will be no single departmentally-based organizational structure within the Graduate College.  The Graduate College will work closely with all degree-granting academic colleges to create an appropriate array of graduate programs for the new Kennesaw State University.





Honors College

Because honors programs will be based within academic departments, there will be no single departmentally-based organizational structure within the Honors College.  The Honors College will work closely with all degree-granting academic colleges to create an appropriate array of honors programs for the new Kennesaw State University.


KSU- / 



Will some academic programs be discontinued?

There will be a comprehensive review of all academic programs offered by both institutions in order to develop the optimum program array for the jointly consolidated institution. As a result, the possibility exists that academic programs may be continued, modified or discontinued.


Where will my classes be held?

Per the Consolidation Guiding Principles KSU and SPSU “will seek to minimize the need for students and faculty to commute between locations for classes. This may well result in offering core classes at both campuses and focusing courses for majors at one campus.”


There is also discussion of having shuttles run between campuses.


How will my tuition and fees change?

The Board of Regents sets tuition and fees and will continue to do so for the newly configured institution. Tuition and fees are still to be determined.  While we do expect changes, we anticipate that they will be modest.


Info on current tuition and fees can be found here:




What will my diploma say?

The consolidation of SPSU and KSU will be finalized in January 2015. However, students who are enrolled at Southern Polytechnic before January 2015 who graduate in Spring Semester 2015 or Summer Semester 2015 may choose to have either “Southern Polytechnic State University” or “Kennesaw State University” as the institutional name on their diploma. As of Fall Semester 2015, “Kennesaw State University” will be the institutional name on all diplomas.



Why are Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University consolidating?

Per the Board of Regents and the University System of Georgia, consolidation will reduce overall expenditures on administrative operations, back office functions, and other areas of duplication. Funds saved in these areas will be redirected to educational programs, educational support programs, and research programs. While it is too soon to say how much money will be redirected, the redirection of these funds to instruction, educational support, and research will add to the strength and vibrancy of the consolidated institution. The potential to add new degree programs now exists with a unified institution.


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