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2014 High School Counselor Workshop

A Forum for University System of Georgia Admissions Issues Facing High School Guidance Counselors.

This workshop curriculum exclusively focuses on information that best prepares high school guidance counselors and their readiness to advise juniors and seniors into the University System of Georgia. This two day experience contains a variety of topics that are dedicated to college bound advisement issues.

Program content is delivered in 45 - 60 minute updates sessions from selected agencies including the BOR regarding system admission policy, HOPE/ACCEL offices regarding finances, trends in enrollment demographics, State Department of Education issues, GED and TCSG issues, College Entrance Testing agencies on the SAT/ACT changes, public institution panels from the two year and four year colleges to address local campus admission practices, Home School issues, minorities regarding African American and Hispanics issues, college recruitment tour planning and rising technology resources that improve counselor readiness and outreach.

This two day workshop is designed to improve communications between college admission offices and high school guidance offices and keep counselors abreast of how decisions, student marketing, processing and other procedures are conducted at public colleges and universities.

The workshop experience is valued at one (1) SDU/PLU credit issued by the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services at Kennesaw State University.

The 2014 workshop entitled "Helping Students Find Their Place in the College Nation" is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, April 16 and 17, 2014. View the final agenda for the workshop.

Save the Date! Our 2015 High School Counselor Workshop will be held February 24 - 25, 2015 at the KSU Center at Kennesaw State.


Resources from the 2014 High School Counselor Workshop


Keynote: Homeless and Disconnected Youth


Session II - Technical College System of Georgia Update


Session IV - Programs to Help Students Succeed: Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Thrive


Session V - HOPE, Financial Aid, and Accel Update


Session VI - University Sytem of Georgia Update: Daphene Blackmon, Dawn Cooper, Jonathan Hull


Session VII - Why the First Year Matters


Session VIII - The Game is Changing: A Look at How Colleges and Universties Recruit


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