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Orientation FAQ's

The information below has been provided by Kennesaw State University Orientation Services. Please visit their website or give them a call at 770.421.6219 for more information and how to register.

What are the Orientation dates for students entering Summer 2013?
First-Year Students: April 26th
Transfer Students: April 26th

What are the Orientation dates for students entering Fall 2013?
First-Year Students: May 31st; June 7th; June 14th; June 21st; July 12th; July 19th; July 26th; August 1st
Transfer Students: June 19th; June 28th; July 10th; July 24th

Will I attend Orientation with my student?
Student and Parent/Family Orientations are typically separate. Student Orientation is designed for students to have an opportunity for direct interaction with other incoming students, KSU faculty and staff. Parent Orientation is geared specifically to address parent concerns, which are often quite different from student concerns. The format of Parent Orientation is designed to give parents direct contact with representatives from key offices and support programs on campus.

May I bring a guest to Parent and Family Orientation?
Yes, adult guest are welcomed to our parent and family orientation program. However, this program is not designed for children. Only children 12 and older will be permitted. Each parent/guest/child over 12 years of age is required to pay the $50.00 fee. Please make arrangements for younger children.

May I bring a guest or current KSU student to the Student Orientation session? 
No, student orientation is designed for new students only. We have trained advisors and staff to assist them with the orientation process.

Why do I have to pay for Parent and Family Orientation?
The Parent Orientation fee covers the cost of publications, supplies (in addition to food and beverages) and a one year membership to our Parent & Family Association.

What takes place at Parent and Family Orientation?
After checking in, you will have the opportunity to network with other parents of incoming KSU students. The program consists of speakers from key offices, along with several opportunities to interact with KSU support services. We typically offer an optional tour at the end of the program. A sample orientation schedule is provided in the Student & Parent orientation booklet. Once registered for Parent & Family Orientation, a detailed email will be sent to you 3 days prior to your arrival session.

What if the Orientation Session is full?

Student Orientation: If the student orientation session is full, please make an appointment with an academic advisor to go over class requirements and the class registration process. First Year students-Orientation is mandatory, so please contact the First Year/Undeclared Advising office at (678) 797-2860 to schedule an appointment. Transfer students may contact the Academic Advisor within the college of their major. This listing may be found in the Orientation handbook or the A-Z index located on the top navigation bar.

Parent Orientation: If the Parent and Family Orientation session is full, you do have the option to attend the Parent and Family session as a stand by if space and resources are available. Simply provide your provide your name to the stand by/check in table the day of the session. No stand by list will be created prior to the date of the session. It is on a first come, first serve process. We will try our best to accommodate everyone; however we may not always be able to guarantee space availability. If space is confirmed, you will be required to pay the orientation fee for each participant at that time and then you will be permitted into the Parent & Family session.

What is your refund policy for orientation? The orientation fee for students, parents and or guest is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

What do I need to know prior to orientation?
Bring your confirmation to the orientation session.Remember, this is an important day as your student makes new friends and connects with student leaders and KSU faculty. Your student will be in good hands throughout the day and will be advised by our professional advising staff and faculty representing his/her major.Participate fully in your orientation session, ask questions and take this opportunity to meet parents of other incoming students.

What does my student need to know prior to their orientation session?
Please encourage your student to eat breakfast before attending orientation. Your student is encouraged to review the Student & Parent Orientation Information Booklet prior to attending orientation.Please encourage your student to complete any testing requirements that they may have been notified such as the Math Placement Exam or the Compass Placement Exam.

Will the Orientation Staff accept responsibility for administering medications to my student?
Due to liability issues we cannot accept responsibility for administering medications to your student. Please make arrangements for your student to take medications before or after orientation if possible. If not possible, please prepare your student to follow through with any medication needs during the program.

What happens if my student becomes ill or has specific problems/concerns during orientation?
Students attending orientation will be assigned to small groups led by our experienced OL's (Orientation Leaders). If your student becomes ill or has a problem during orientation, he/she should notify a student leader who will contact an orientation staff person for instructions. Your student should also call or text message you if the problem is serious. Please make sure each of you have a cell phone that is fully charged.

Will I participate in my student’s advising session?
Parent Orientation will include a brief overview of the advising process and an opportunity to ask questions, however parents will not be involved in the student advising session. This allows our professional advisors the opportunity to work directly with students to provide the most efficient process possible.

Will I participate in my student’s registration process?
Professional advisors and orientation staff will be available to assist your student in the registration process. Lab space is limited; therefore we reserve the registration labs for students and professional staff members only. In each registration lab there will be a minimum of 3-5 trained professional advisors in addition to a minimum o f2 student leaders to assist students as they register.

How does my student pay registration fees?
At Orientation you and your student will be provided information regarding fees, deadlines and payment options. KSU has several payment options: online with credit card or web-check, in person at the Bursar’s Office (cash, check or money order only at Bursar’s Office), or by mail. Fees are not typically due the day of orientation. However you may want to check to see when fees are due to allow adequate preparation of fiscal organization.Parents please make sure your student completes the FAFSA online at to ensure priority consideration for financial aid.

Where will I meet my student after orientation?
Parents are asked to meet students on the first floor of the student center bldg. 5 in the lounge area. This information will be provided to students and parents at orientation.

What if I need special assistance due to a disability? 
If you require assistive devices or other accommodations to participate in orientation please contact Carol Pope, Asst. Director for disabled Student Support Services at 770-423-6443, 770-423-6667 (fax), 770 423-6480 (TTY) for information about registering for accommodations throughout the academic year.

For additional questions please contact the SSS Orientation and Transitions Programs at 770 423-6219 or follow us on Twitter@KSUOrientation or email us at