Thank you for considering Kennesaw State University.

Parent Center

Information for interested parents of potential Kennesaw State students

Thank you for considering Kennesaw State University in your student's future. We welcome your visit and encourage you to use this page as often as you like.

Kennesaw State University is very aware of the role concerned parents take in the education of their children. Therefore, this web page is intended to be a resource to offer you some suggestions regarding the parental readiness of college bound students.

Typically parents are first concerned with cost, safety, influences, degree offerings, financial aid and quality of instruction. Kennesaw State is prepared to address these topics with the links posted to the right and the Virtual Advisor Q&A box at the top of this page.

We invite you to spend some time with us on this page and become acquainted with what Kennesaw State has to offer parents.

Notices are sent to applicants to the email address provided on their application. Upon acceptance, an official Kennesaw State email address is assigned to the student and will become the official campus channel of communication.