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When students enter college, they are embarking on a learning journey that will change their life. We hope that you will choose Kennesaw State as the place at which those changes begin. This is a fine University that prides itself on being a first-class community of learners that put students first.

When students become part of the Kennesaw community, they will learn and come to understand more about themselves, the world, and their relationship to that world than they ever before knew. When they graduate from Kennesaw State, their experiences here will have kindled a desire in them to continue to learn and understand that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We hope you will choose Kennesaw State University, for we believe that the keys to success, learning and understanding, can be found on our campus.

Daniel S. Papp

Dr. Daniel Papp is the third president in the history of Kennesaw State University, following presidents Dr. Horace Sturgis and Dr. Betty Siegel.

Dr. Papp took office July 2006 and began a new era of vision and leadership.