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Student Life in Owl Country

Kennesaw State encourages participation in co-curricular activities as an integral part of your collegiate career. Do not simply earn your degree: gain valuable skills and lifelong relatonships alongside your academic endeavors. Any active student involved in student groups or volunteering in the community can attest to the learning acquired and the satisfaction experienced through involvement. By combining the skills you develop through co-curricular involvement and the knowledge gained in the classroom, you will be much better prepared as a well rounded person towards fulfilling your total potential.

The benefits to engaging in student activities are many: a sense of achievement, self development, leadership skills and much more. You can expand your circle of friends, better balance your academic life and simply enjoy life as a college student.

You are the "student" in student life!

Involvement in student life is an opportunity for you to experience activities outside of the classroom that will contribute to the success of your education at Kennesaw State.

Find your voice at a Student Government meeting, find answers during an interview for The Sentinel newspaper and find yourself in one of over 200 student groups. Discover your passions and test your values. Strengthen your mind and develop positive interpersonal relationships. Start a new organization, or become part of one. Help plan a special event. Learn good human relations skills as you meet new friends and work with others. Now isthe time to create a rich college experience for yourself before you take that giant leap into life after college.

The links below can be used as a reference to exploring your interests, exercising your talents and making your mark at Kennesaw State University. Take flight with us!

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