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Developing a directed study involves following the approved process outlined below and completing the appropriate paperwork. The required multi-part form is available from the office of the Registrar.

The following institutional regulations apply to directed study. Additional departmental requirements may exist. Check with the department.

General Restrictions:

  1. Content in the directed study will not substantially overlap an existing course in the curriculum.
  2. A student may not carry more than three semester hours in directed study per semester.
  3. A maximum of ten semester hours of directed study ma be used to satisfy degree requirements, with a maximum of three hours used as General Electives as Free Electives. The maximum number of hours allowed within the major shall be determined by the department.
  4. A student must have a cumulative overall GPA of at least 3.0 in order to be eligible for a directed study.

Procedures to be followed by student to be approved for Directed Study:

  1. Obtain permission from the student's advisor to initiate the process.
  2. Present a proposed topic of study to the instructor whom the student wishes to serve as supervisor. If the instructor agrees to supervise the study, follow any additional requirements specific to the department to gain approval (e.g., committee approval) before presenting the proposal to the chair of the department.
  3. Obtain the approval of the chair of the department.
    1. The student must present proof of sufficient GPA, both overall and in the major, along with a list of previous directed studies taken.
    2. Prior to approving a directed study, the department chair should, in consultation with the instructor, review the instructor's load and limit the number of directed studies an instructor may supervise in a single semester. A directed study should be supervised by an instructor on a voluntary basis.
  4. Complete the Directed Study Form with the indicated approvals and submit to the Registrar's Office two weeks prior to the end of the semester preceding the semester of the proposed study. The student will receive one copy by mail for personal records.

Procedures to be followed once the Directed Study Form has been completed:

  1. Copies of the Completed Directed Study Form should be distributed by the Registrar to the student (one copy), to the instructor (one copy), and to the advisor (one copy). The advisor's copy should be filed in the student's advisement folder.
  2. As is done in standard classes, the instructor of the directed study should maintain a record of the course requirements satisfied by the student along with the instructor's evaluations of the student's performance. The student's final grade should be submitted on the standard final grade roll.


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