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DEVELOPING A MINOR/CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (embedded within a degree program)

i. Identify the type of program proposed (minor or certificate).

II. Identify the existing KSU major programs that have agreed to endorse/sponsor the program and will promote its completion by their students. (Collaborate with these departments and colleges on program development and send a final copy of the proposal to the unit heads.)

III. Identify the program's coordinating/responsible instructional department and college.

IV. For Certificate programs ONLY: provide a proposed text for the university's catalog description of the program (75 words or less).

V. List the course requirements and options or the program, including all prerequisites.

VI. Provide a rationale for the structure and contents of the program.

VII. Identify the students by major who are most likely to complete the program and explain how the program's requirements fit within and overlap (if any) the requirements of each of these majors.

VIII. Explain how the completion of this program will benefit students.

IX. Provide evidence of need, interest, and support for this program. (Support from constituencies and authoritative sources external to the university add strength to a proposal.)

X. Explain how the current faculty, operating budget, facilities, support services, and other necessary resources are sufficient to support the program.

XI. For each of the program's first three years, project the number of students who will graduate having completed this program.

XII. Outline the methods that will be used to assess the attractiveness, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the program.




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