About Us

The Department of University Studies is a unit of University College at Kennesaw State University. The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Studies and houses a broad array of campus-wide academic initiatives that support student success at Kennesaw State University. These initiatives include the Undergraduate Honors Program and Dual Enrollment Honors Program, Senior Year Experience Seminar, and Academic Support Programs including Learning Support in English, Reading and Mathematics, the Supplemental Instruction Program, the Math Lab, and the English as a Second Language Study Center for international students.


The Department of University Studies at Kennesaw State University aspires to be a leader in providing curricular and co-curricular programs and services to help students achieve academic success from their first contact with KSU through graduation. The Department strives to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to be engaged and productive members of their communities.


The mission of the Department of University Studies is to provide academic support to all students, from developmental to honors, by promoting student engagement and success. The following programs promote student engagement and success for diverse student populations: ESL Center, Math Lab, Learning Support, Senior Year Experience, Regents, Honors, Dual Enrollment Honors, Supplemental Instruction. The Department also offers a Bachelors of Science degree in Integrative Studies. In addition, the Department collaborates with Student Success and Enrollment Services in providing student leadership development through the Center for Student Leadership.