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Integrative Studies Degree Program

Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrative Studies

Department of University Studies
University College

The Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Studies provides students with the opportunity to combine courses from two academic areas to build a custom degree plan.  A student must write a short essay describing their rationale for wanting to major in Integrative Studies (INTS) and explaining how their educational and career goals will be met by combining the two academic areas they have chosen.  A student must have and maintain an adjusted GPA (AGPA) of 2.5 or greater to participate in and graduate from the Integrative Studies Program.  (2.8 AGPA is needed for students pursuing Human Services as an academic area) An INTS major must complete a minimum of 123 credit hours to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Hour Requirements for INTS program

Content Credit Hours
General Education & Fitness for Living 45
Lower Division Courses related to appropriate academic areas. * 18
Upper Division Courses related to appropriate academic areas. * 39
Related Studies 9
Free Electives 12
Total Hours for Degree 123

* Must have a grade of "C" or higher in these courses. A student interested in pursuing a B.S. degree in Integrative Studies should schedule an appointment with an INTS advisor to design a degree plan by calling the INTS office at 770.423.6106.


Ree Howard, Ph.D, Advisor, Integrative Studies Degree Program
Phone: 770-423-6930
E-mail: rhowar28@kennesaw.edu



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