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Leadership Studies Academic Certificate

* * *
Which 3 credit hour Leadership courses, if any, have you completed towards earning this 15 hr. certificate? Term Completed: Final Grade:
Required Courses (12 hrs):
LDRS 3000: Foundations of Leadership
LDRS 3200: Leadership in a Global Society
LDRS 3600: Ethics in Leadership
LDRS 3800: Leading in Groups
Other KSU substituted leadership course**
Add one additional course selection (3 hrs):
LDRS 3400: Service as Leadership
LDRS 4000: Leadership and Sustainability
LDRS 4400: Directed Study
LDRS 4490: Special Topics in Leadership
Other KSU related leadership course***


* Required Field


**Related KSU leadership courses pre-approved by the Leadership Studies Coordinator may be used as a substitute for one of the four required courses.

***Prior approval for KSU leadership related course must be obtained from the Leadership Studies Coordinator.


Admission/placement requirements:
Students must have and maintain an adjusted 2.5 minimum GPA to enroll in and subsequently be granted the certificate. All courses require a grade of "B" or better to receive the certificate.


Receiving the certificate:
Following a final transcript verification, students who meet the requirements will receive a certificate from the Department of University Studies. An official notice that the student has met the certificate requirements will also appear on the student's KSU academic record.

For more information contact the Leadership Studies Director, Dr. Deborah N. Smith, at dsmith1@kennesaw.edu or 770-423-6874








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