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Senior-Year Seminar

Course Description:
KSU 4401: Senior Seminar assists college students transitioning to post-university life and provides them with an opportunity to reflect on and provide closure to their collegiate educational experience, demonstrate proficiency, develop the skills necessary to successfully transition to and navigate post-university life, understand the civic and social responsibilities of being college educated global citizens and connect with Kennesaw State University in an ongoing alumni relationship. Students develop the life-long learning habit of archiving, assessing, and sharing their learning by creating an Best of Show to honor, understand, and connect their learning from self to global society for the betterment of both.

Course Learning Outcomes:
Reflecting on Your College Experience:

1) Students will reflect on and be able to express and integrate the personal and professional meaning of their collegiate educational experience, particularly in the area of skills acquisition (e.g., leadership, communication, teamwork, etc.) (Knowledge, attitude and skill outcome)

Designing a Career Plan:

2) Students will have developed a plan for pursuing their selected career path based on the awareness of the variety of post-graduate choices available to them. (Knowledge & skill outcome)

3) Students will possess the tools needed to conduct an effective search for a career, graduate school or other post-graduate choice (e.g., resume writing, interviewing skills, etc.). (Knowledge & skill outcome)

4) Students will be exposed to the resources, services and networking opportunities dedicated to ensuring their success not only while they are KSU seniors, but also after they exit the institution (e.g. Career Services Center, Alumni Association, etc.). (Knowledge outcome)

Transitioning to Post-University Life:

5) Students will have learned about the academic history and traditions surrounding commencement. (Knowledge outcome)

6) Students will be familiar with cycles of change and transition and life skills (e.g. stress management, financial planning, etc.) which will help them make a successful transition to their post-university life. (Knowledge & skill outcome)

7) Students will understand the importance of civic and social responsibility and embracing a global citizenship perspective. (Knowledge & attitude outcome)

For more information on the course, contact
Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick, Senior-Year Seminar Course Coordinator
At jdominic@kennesaw.edu or 770 423-6356





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