Posting Date: 12/1/08

Alumni create Atlanta backdrop for "Good Morning America" on ABC

By Cheryl Anderson Brown

(Above) Todd Gurley (art, 2002) test fitting the Georgia Capitol and World of Coke buildings.

(Below) Gareth Botha (art, 2007) testing fiber

optics for the marquee of The Fox Theatre.

Photos provided courtesy of Corporate Impressions.


Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin will unveil an installation artwork by KSU art alumni Todd Gurley (2002) and Gareth Botha (2007) on a national live broadcast of "Good Morning America" on ABC on Dec. 4. The artwork features prominent Atlanta cultural and historical locations like The Fox Theatre, The High Museum, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park.

The City of Atlanta picked the graduates' company, Corporate Impressions to create a window display/ backdrop for the morning talk show. It is one of three selected by GMA to represent American cities during its broadcasts this holiday season. Other displays represent Denver and Kansas City.

Not only will the displays be visible daily on national television, they also will be seen by thousands of tourists and New Yorkers who pass by the ground-level television studio on Times Square.

Gurley, who is directing the project, and Botha have been working on the display for a couple of months. It is essentially a 3-D model of Atlanta "snow globe," but the snow falls outside the globe in order to give the impression that the city is hot and untouched by the snow, Botha says.

The design also features lighting effects using LED lights and fiber optics as well as moving parts like Atlanta's iconic Rich's Pink Pig and the Atlanta Peach Drop.


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