Opportunities for Students

chine-collé solar intaglio print by Daniel Haire

intaglio solar plate print with chine-collé
by student, Daniel Haire

Be informed of what's happening in the visual arts of the metro-Atlanta area! Visit the web site(s) listed on below to see a list of current events and opportunities.

Those interested in communicating through Facebook will find that the School of Art and Design has created a Facebook Group. Please feel free to post links, participate in discussions, write on the wall, and upload photos and videos related to the visual arts.

The goals of the department are to assist students in acquiring a broad understanding of the visual arts and to recognize art quality in their own personal expressions as well as in the work of others; to provide direct experiences in the visual arts for students, faculty, and the community through quality art exhibitions, lectures, and publications; and to provide professional training for individuals seeking careers in the visual arts.

Art Career Mentoring Service

The Art Career Mentoring Service, a listing of "This Week's Art Shows" and "Exhibition Opportunities" created by Professor Robert Sherer and other School of Art and Design personnel, is a free Email service enabling awareness of opportunities and events to students and friends of the KSU community. Visit the ACMS page to sign up.

Goals & Career Development

Students at KSU can benefit greatly from administrative departments on campus that help to prepare for educational and career goals. Centers to be sure to visit are:

Student Organizations

Visions: the KSU Student Art Society
Attend our fun events, activities, and workshops while socializing with fellow students, faculty and staff.

Art History Club (see Art History Program)

Zuckerman Museum of Art at KSU (Facebook Page)

KSU Fine Arts Clubs (then search)

Visiting Artists

Publications & Media


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