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Chris Dziejowski\

Chris Dziejowski

Email: jdziejow@kennesaw.edu
Office Telephone: (770) 423-6867
Office in Visual Arts Resource Center

Chris Dziejowski

Coordinator of Visual Arts Building Facilities
& Studio Technician


Chris Dziejowski has lived in Atlanta since 1969; he received his BFA in Sculpture from Georgia State University in May of 2002. Before coming to work here at KSU, he was employed by Children's Healthcare for 25 years. He also worked at The Atlanta College of Art for one year. He had the great privilege of study abroad with Professor George Beasley at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. What Mr. Dziejowski brings to KSU is experience and knowledge of working in a studio environment. He brings enthusiasm and technical skills that he can share with students, faculty and other staff members.

Sculpture by Chris Dziejowski

Sculpture by Chris Dziejowski Sculpture by Chris Dziejowski



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