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How did a small island country like Japan become a world super power?
The answer lies in its traditional values, and its cultural and artistic legacy. In addition to its hardworking people and strong economic power, Japan has beautiful natural landscapes, centuries-old traditional architecture, elegant arts and crafts, and innovative modern technology and design. The popularity of contemporary Japanese culture— especially in the United States—is on the rise through manga, anime, J-pop, J-horror and technology.

This study abroad trip will spend about three weeks in Tokyo and Kyoto. We will visit some of the most popular religious festivals in Japan, distinctive Japanese gardens, traditional performances like bunraku or kabuki, art and anime museums, ancient samurai castles, famous shopping districts and the breathtaking Mt. Fuji.

Japan Image

Shindo Gate at Inari Shrine. Click the image to see more photos.

Program Cost
Usually includes airfare, Japan Rail transportation, accommodations and emergency health insurance. The price does not include tuition. Financial Aid applicable. Price subject to slight change. Students will stay in hotels while traveling.

Usually, all participants can earn up to 9 CR HRS: ART 1107, ENGL 2110, AMST 4490
(“America in the World” - counts as either an elective or toward a minor in American Studies)

More information at the KSU Studies Abroad Site for the upcoming program

Japan Study Abroad Program PDF flyer (331KB)

Dr. Ed Chan
Associate Professor of English

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