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Turkey - Exploring Turkish Culture

Offered Summers


Two courses, “The Traditional Arts of Turkey” & "Public Culture in Turkey” are organized around a tour of Turkey, largely provided by members of the Istanbul Center of Atlanta. The emphasis of the study tour will be on the country’s history, culture and arts.

Tukish-inspired tile design by Visual Arts Graphic Design student A. Drake

Tukish-inspired tile design by Visual Arts Graphic Design student A. Drake

Courses Usually Offered:

ARH 4490:Special Topics “The Traditional Arts of Turkey” 3 credit hours

HIST 4490: Special Topics “Public Culture in Turkey” 3 credit hours

Program Dates:
Around Maymester

Application Deadline:
January for Maymester

Program Cost:
Cost includes airfare, local transportation, housing, program-related excursions and emergency health insurance. Price does not include tuition. Financial Aid applicable. Cost subject to slight change.
A deposit is due at the time of application.
A bill for the remaining balance of the program fees will be billed to your student account, and must be paid in full by a specified date in mid-Spring. Tuition will also be due at this time.

More information is available at the KSU Studies Abroad Site


Dr. Lin Hightower
Department of Visual Arts

Dr. Hakki Gurkas
Department of History

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