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Faculty Advisors

Listed by Area of Concentration

It is very important to have a plan to get the most out of your studies in the School of Art & Design. Your advisor can recommend the courses you take according to your personal goals.* Call or Email your advisor (see your appointed advisor listed on OwlExpress) to make an appointment or visit during the advisors' office hours. If you don't see your advisor listed on OwlExpress, please contact Shebbie Murray at (770) 423-6139.

Studio Art

Drawing / Painting

Joe Remillard
(770) 499-3592, VA236

Donald Robson
(770) 797-2014, VA231

Robert Sherer

(678) 239-4378, VA239


Matthew Haffner
(770) 797-2021, VA235


Valerie Dibble
(770) 423-6719, VA230


Keith Smith
(678) 797-2041, VA234

Graphic Communications

Kristine Hwang
(770) 423-6035, VA233

Carole Maugé-Lewis
(770) 499-3409, VA238

David Short
(770) 423-6035, VA101D


Ayokunle Odeleye
(770) 423-6484, VA228

Art Education, ARt History and OTHER

Art Education

Dr. Sandra Bird
(770) 423-6435, VA 232

Dr. Rick Garner
(770) 423-6137, VA229

Dr. Diana Gregory
(770) 797-2138, VA 227

April Munson
770-423-6138, VA227

Art History

Dr. Diana McClintock
(770) 423-6245, WB219

Dr. Daniel Sachs

(678) 237-3591, VA237

Dr. Kristen Seaman
(678) 797-2189, VA101A

Dr. Jessica Stephenson
770-794-7964, VA101B

Dr. Joe Thomas
(770) 794-7963, VA101C

Senior Portfolio & Exhibitions

Dr. Linda Hightower
(770) 423-6239, VA226

Undecided Majors

Christine Collins
770-423-6614, WB201

Dr. Linda Hightower
(770) 423-6239, VA226

Shebbie Murray
(770) 423-6139, VA202

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