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KSU Professor and Alum Featured in Art Exhibit

By Lauren Highfill


(From left) Robert Sherer and William Cash

"The Dads" by Robert Sherer

"Between Heaven and Earth" by William Cash

Although always encouraging, Associate Professor of Art Robert Sherer makes a point to prepare Kennesaw State University students for the professional world of art. “I tell them, ‘You have to get used to being rejected. You won’t get accepted to the first gallery you go to,’” Sherer says. But now there’s an exception to the rule—William Cash, a 2006 KSU graduate.

The artwork of both Cash and Sherer will be featured in an exhibition this month at the well-known Lyman-Eyer Gallery in Provincetown, Mass. Located on the Cape Cod seashore, Provincetown is an artist’s paradise and served as an inspiration for Cash’s latest works in “The Provincetown Series.” Sherer says, “The light in the sky is so unique in Provincetown you feel like you’re on top of the world.”

Cash took several classes with Sherer and learned more than how to perfect his art; Cash also put together the portfolio that helped him earn representation by Lyman-Eyer.

After many twists and turns, including leaving the gallery Sherer was previously represented by, Sherer’s work was also accepted by Lyman-Eyer. Now both student and teacher will headline the gallery’s exhibition Aug. 17-30. “This exhibition is a big deal. There’s really a lot of buzz about it,” Sherer says. “It’s personally satisfying to know that your work is accepted by this powerful gallery that’s standing behind it.”

Cash is even more exuberant. “It’s very exciting. I’m really looking forward to how my work will be received and to getting a lot of feedback.” Cash also adds that he couldn’t have done it without Sherer’s support.

“I give my students contemporary, real-life career advice,” Sherer says. “I can tell them whether the market is soft on this or that—and they take me very seriously because I’m constantly working in the field.”

Sherer also underscores the importance of preparing students to be professionals in the art world. “Our visual arts program has a reputation of professional development for students,” Sherer says. “When students graduate, they are already equipped with the knowledge that it takes to be professionals in the field.” As exhibited by the upcoming Lyman-Eyer Gallery show, Sherer and Cash are both shining examples of this philosophy.

“I’m anticipating a wonderful show, and, hopefully,” Cash says with a grin, “a lot of sales.”



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