Art Gallery to Present Photographs by WellStar CEO
By Corey Goergen, WellStar Health System


Beginning this month month, visitors to Kennesaw State University’s Sturgis Library Gallery will be able to see the creative side of WellStar Health System President and CEO Robert A. Lipson, M.D.

From October 4 to November 9, the KSU College of the Arts will present “Portrait of the World: Photographs by Robert A. Lipson, M.D.” The Sturgis Gallery will showcase photographs taken by Dr. Lipson during his travels throughout the world, including Africa and Ukraine.

Dr. Lipson has been taking photographs since 1971. Though his earliest works were primarily in black and white, his most recent pictures feature color images utilizing the latest digital and computer technology.

“I am excited about having an opportunity to showcase this collection of photos that explore some of my recent travels,” said Dr. Lipson. “I am honored that my friends at KSU—Dr. Betty Siegel and Dean Joe Meeks—pursued this show and convinced me to put these photos on display. Photography has been a longtime hobby and is a source of creative expression for me.”

The show includes approximately 43 images covering a variety of subjects and scenes. In all of Lipson’s work, subject matter is chosen to reflect contrasting colors, shapes, sharpness and focus. Through these images, Lipson is drawn to lucid expression that captures a moment and feeling.

In addition to the show collection, Dr. Lipson donated the limited edition prints to the WellStar Foundation, the philanthropic arm of WellStar Health System. Sales of limited edition prints will begin on October 4 and run throughout the show.

 “The WellStar Foundation is pleased to be part of this show. Following this initial run in October, we will have a permanent collection on display at the Development Office so that all of our guests can enjoy the photos as much as we do,” said Tracey Atwater, President of the WellStar Foundation.

The KSU College of the Arts is honored to offer this exhibition for its students and the community. “Dr. Lipson’s success as a physician, as a businessman and as an artist provides an extraordinary example,” said Joseph Meeks, Dean of the College of the Arts. “Too often, people think they have to choose between being an artist and being a business leader—Dr. Lipson proves you can do both.”

Will Hipps, KSU associate professor and museum/galleries director said he was also excited to bring Dr. Lipson’s “individualistic and authentic” photography to the college.

Dr. Lipson is a graduate of Tulane Medical School and received his MBA from Kennesaw State University in 1997. He has served as President and CEO of WellStar Health System since 2001.

An opening reception and artist conversation will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4 at the Sturgis Gallery. Admission to the Sturgis Gallery is free. For more information, please call 770-499-3223.

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