Engaging students with new, interactive technology
By Jennifer Hafer

The news segment below was produced by Cobb TV23 for "Spotlight on Cobb," Jan. 22-28, 2007

College of the Arts Assistant Professor Charlotte Collins is giving students in her Arts in Society class a voice via remote control.

With the click of a button on a wireless response device, Collins can develop a class survey, give a pop-quiz, verify students understand the material and record student grades and attendance. Students respond via their own remote controls.

“My goal for this technology is to have an efficient way to keep all 100 students mentally and intellectually engaged during lectures, which have traditionally been passive learning methods,” Collins said. “The best part is that art appreciation students stay engaged, as we all love to give opinions and interpretations.”

In addition to Collins’ own desire of “finding a better mousetrap,” Kennesaw State’s new president, Dr. Daniel Papp, has requested the introduction of more technology in general education courses. Collins’ Arts in Society class is required for all Kennesaw State University students, and more than 2,000 students take the course a semester. University Studies, math, science, health and physical education, and foreign language classes are also field testing the new technology.

 “This is a better way to prepare students to interpret art, instead of paper on top of paper,” she said.

Like kids in a candy store, Collins’ students’ first taste of the technology was greeted with much enthusiasm.

“This is cool,” many voices said in unison.

Collins hopes to fully integrate the technology into her class next semester. Other sections of Arts in Society will also adopt the new remote-control system.

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