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Descriptions of student-designed posters:

Water Resources
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Global Issues Poster Project

QEP grant encourages awareness and action in global issues of water resources and diabetes

This project is the product of a Global Teaching and Learning Grant written and received by Professors Valerie Dibble of the Photography and Printmaking concentration and Jeanne Sperry from the Graphic Design concentration at Kennesaw State University. This became a service learning joint project for the two classes conducted by these professors. The intent of the grant was to create two series of poster campaigns that referenced global issues. The issues that the students focused on were water and food. The students defined and researched the problem and then created a poster educating the public about the issues. In the first poster campaign the students looked particularly at the global need for sustainable water resources - focusing especially on Africa. The second poster campaign was more specific to the Hispanic population and the global effects that diabetes is having on that community.

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