Posting Date: February 3, 2011

Meet Johnathan Welsh: An artist with ambition

By Megan Roberts

Johnathan Welsh

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Senior Johnathan Welsh started out at an unrewarding job in retail before he realized what he really wanted: a career as an artist. He has always had artistic talent, but it was not until five years ago that he realized that art was his true vocation. Johnathan entered Kennesaw State University and quickly realized that he loved the diversity of the students as well as the professors who go out of their way to help their students.

During his time at KSU, Johnathan’s professors have seen major growth and promise in his career as an artist. Johnathan credits Associate Professor of Art Robert Sherer as one of the excellent professors who has helped him as an artist. “Professer Sherer has been a big help for me,” says Johnathan. “He’s pretty selfless, and he’ll do anything for you to try to help further your career.”

Sherer’s remarks about Johnathan are equally full of praise. “Johnathan came out of the gate strong as a painter,” he says. “We were able to focus a lot of attention on his career development.” During the last few months, Johnathan has participated in multiple art shows. This past December, he showed work in the 35th Annual Georgia Lawyers for Arts Fundraising Gala at King Plow Arts Center, the Off-the-Wall Pin-Up Show at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and the Nick of Time Exhibition at Kibbee Gallery. Johnathan also had work shown for the KSU student exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta last November.

In early January, Johnathan participated in an exhibition held by Dashboard Co-Op, one of the biggest events he’s participated in. On the event, Sherer comments, “If he continues to make these sorts of important professional connections, he will probably become one of the most well known artists in the Atlanta scene.”

Though he’s participated in many different shows, Johnathan remains humble. Like most artists, he’s interested in people liking his work. His success so far in the Atlanta art industry has shown that he has more than enough talent to help carry him through into a great career. Assistant Professor of Art Donald Robson, another major help to Johnathan at KSU, says, “I have no doubt that with his skill, his ideas and his drive, Johnathan will be a successful studio artist in the demanding and highly competitive professional art world.”

Johnathan plans to pursue graduate school and hopes to show his art outside of Georgia, as well as internationally. The artist says that “the ball’s moving now and opportunities are coming up for me.” No doubt his future career will be one that makes headlines.


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