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Meet Joani Inglett: An artist with focus

By Shira Zobrist

Joani Inglett

Photos by Tracie L. Hinnant


When Joani Inglett’s high school art teacher first introduced her to ceramics, she knew she had found something she would love. Now a junior in Kennesaw State University's Department of Visual Arts, Joani has a double concentration in sculpture and ceramics.


Joani grew up in Athens, Ga., but when she was ready for college she knew she wanted to go somewhere smaller to escape the environment of a huge university. After briefly attending another college, Joani found herself at KSU and has enjoyed being here ever since. “I enjoy that KSU is a smaller school and I am able to have regular interaction with professors, even those outside of my concentration. The individual attention that students receive is really incredible.”


During her time at KSU, Joani has had the opportunity to not only improve her technical skills, but also to further develop her vision as an artist. “I enjoy working on art that looks like it represents one thing but may subtly represent something else. There is always something more than initially meets the eye.” Joani has learned that sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. “I hang on to everything now, all of my sketches, because you never know what inspiration they might hold. Sometimes the best ideas aren’t always what you set out to do; they tend to evolve over time.”


Joani’s talents as an artist have not gone unnoticed by her professors in the visual arts department. Ayokunle Odeleye, professor of art in sculpture, has witnessed Joani’s growth and improvement in both her creative and intellectual ability during her time as his student. “The thing that makes her unique is the maturity and seriousness that manifest in her focused desire to learn and create. This hard work and focus is what makes her a great student and more than likely will result in her being a successful artist.”


Focus is something that is essential for Joani. She views her time at KSU as a perfect opportunity to focus on improving as an artist. “College is such a limited time period,” she says. “It is important as a student to reach out and to gain as much as possible from the experience.” After graduation, Joani hopes to begin a residency to build on her body of work and to establish herself as an independent artist. She also hopes to continue her education and earn an advanced degree in art.


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