Meet Camille Davis: Fulfilling dreams at any age

Photograph by Cheryl Anderson Brown

By Liza Scales

Non-traditional student Camille Davis is excited about learning and highly motivated to finish her degree in art with a concentration in graphic art. “I’ve been working on my degree for 30 years!” she says. “Now I have the flexibility in my life to do it. I love learning. Education is empowering to me. And the more I learn, the more I want to learn. I appreciate my education so much more now than when I was younger.”

Davis came to Kennesaw State University after taking classes at a few other local colleges. “KSU offers a real degree in art, and that was what I wanted,” she explains. “And KSU is more affordable than the other schools with more flexibility in classes.”

She raves about her teachers at KSU who push her beyond her boundaries and make her think outside of the box without telling her what to do. Assistant Professor Donald Robson and Assistant Professor Daniel Sachs are two who have made strong impressions on Davis. “They persuade their students and they blow me away with their knowledge.”

She also admires Jeanne Sperry, associate professor of art at KSU. “Professor Jeanne Sperry is the consummate professor. She’s tough, commands respect, and encourages me to reach beyond myself. I look forward to every class with her. She is also a wonderful mentor, both compassionate and passionate.” In return, Sperry calls Davis a stellar student and says, “She is every professor’s dream of a student, and she challenges the more traditional students with her excellent problem-solving skills, enthusiasm, positive outlook and tenacious work ethic.”

These qualities were apparent last semester when Laurence Peterson, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, challenged Davis and 20 of her classmates to a competition to create artwork for exhibition in the Science Building. At a formal awards ceremony for science and math students and faculty, Davis learned she had won the competition. Her work entitled “Odyssey Procession” consists of five 23” x 32” pieces representing physics, biology, computer science, math and chemistry. “I focused on creating art and beauty, rather than creating something that looked like math or science,” she says. “I always wanted to be artist, and here was my dream being fulfilled!”

Davis also has created a yet-to-be-published book called “The Seduction of Chocolate.” It is a work that started from a class assignment to produce something following the graphic design principles of balance, color and consistency, and it had to entice the viewer to read the content and turn the pages. “The history of chocolate is fascinating,” explains Davis. “It’s been used for currency, praised as an aphrodisiac, and women crave it!” Sperry says that Davis used “thorough research for her project, which helped make it an excellent and beautiful book for any chocolate lover, including me!”

After graduation, Davis wants to work for a company in a constantly changing creative environment. “I love to work with creative people who are as motivated as I am to bounce ideas off each other and who make the end product exciting.”

Outside KSU activities, Davis enjoys swimming and works as a home management consultant.


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