Posting Date: April 5, 2011

Meet Aaron Artrip: A printmaker with a philosophy
By Megan Roberts

Aaron Artrip

Photo by Kimberly New

Artwork by Aaron Artrip

When the time came to select a major, Aaron Artrip knew he had to do something creative. Aaron has been drawing since the age of five, and as a young student, he really began to connect with his art. “My notes for my academic classes had drawings all over them,” he says. His love for drawing helped him decide to pursue printmaking.

Since being a part of the Kennesaw State University Department of Visual Arts, Aaron has seen tremendous growth in his art. His philosophy for art, in particular, has helped him excel. Aaron believes in the cyclical aspect of nature, and he strives to express a connection with that cycle through his art. “As humans, we come from this earth and the most important thing is that we know that,” Aaron says. “I hope to convey a sense of appreciation for the organic matter that is among us.”

Valerie Dibble, associate professor of art, has seen Aaron’s improvement. “During his studies at KSU, Aaron has really clarified his vision of what he wants as an artist, and his imagery reflects that,” says Dibble. “There is no one who is more excited about art and printmaking than Aaron.” Dibble believes that Aaron’s intense passion and drive set him apart from other students, and this drive has contributed to the creation of his own unique style.

Dibble isn’t the only one who has praised Aaron for his work. Last semester, Aaron received the Austell/South Cobb Rotary Art Scholarship. “It was an immense honor,” Aaron says. When Aaron accepted the scholarship, he was impressed to see how willing other people are to give students the opportunity to succeed by funding them through scholarship programs.

Aaron's cyclical way of thinking brought him to the conclusion that one day he wants to give back to KSU. “I hope one day I can start my own scholarship program and donate back.”

After he graduates, Aaron hopes to attend a residency program where he can build his portfolio before going on to pursue a master's degree. Eventually, Aaron would like to open his own studio, and maybe even come full circle in life and teach others his form of art.


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