Posting Date: April 20, 2010

Meet Andrew Fishback: Joining two worlds

By Tabatha Wahlquist

Andrew Fishback

Photo by Linda Tincher

Andrew Fishback's drawing, "Prospect," won first place in the drawing category of the 2010 Juried Student Art Exhibition.

Andrew Fishback’s work can best be described as mirroring the theme of retro-futurism, artistic depictions of current and future technology. “My work represents my outlook on where we are in terms of technology and the future. I take these ideas and make them digestible,” Andrew explains. Retro-futurism is one example of how the Kennesaw State University visual arts major has been able to meld his interest in technology with his passion for art.

“I was split at first,” describes Andrew, whose studies were primarily focused on technology-based courses prior to studying art. He then found a way to combine his technological experience with his talent for drawing and painting in the form of graphic design. “Being able to mold the two areas together has been a driving force behind my art,” says Andrew, who is carrying on a tradition started by his father, who also studied drawing, painting and graphic design. “I got to see his work as a kid. It turned me on to art,” says Andrew.

“I am blown away by how much I’ve learned at Kennesaw State,” says Andrew. “The faculty drives this program, and they are extremely competent at what they do.” The most important experience Andrew takes away from his studies in the KSU Department of Visual Arts is the opportunity to collaborate with other artists. “You have someone to share your work with—to check you.” Therefore, “you become more refined visually,” explains Andrew.

KSU Associate Professor of Art Donald Robson has worked closely with Andrew and is impressed with his work. Robson explains, “Andrew is willing to take aesthetic risks, and those risks pay off. He is extremely competent in the traditional methods and techniques of studio art, which enhances his more conceptual works.”       

Andrew’s work has appeared in off-campus shows hosted by KSU Assistant Professor of Art Katherine Taylor. Andrew anticipates graduating this fall.

After graduation, he plans to attend graduate school and to continue studying computer design. As Andrew reflects on his experience so far at KSU, he is most proud of his ability to tie other interests into his desire to create art. “I have been able to experience both sides—design and art—and I have been able to enjoy it in the process. Sometimes people forget how to have fun with their work.”


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