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Meet Devin Hamilton: A future in the Atlanta arts community

By Shira Kerce

Devin Hamilton

"Kingest Kong" by Devin Hamilton

For Devin Hamilton, artistic inspiration is everywhere. “Life inspires me,” Devin explains, “and I find inspiration in literature and music and stories on the news.” Devin then turns that inspiration into powerful artwork about the social, racial and political issues he sees in today’s society. While pulling from his own experiences traveling and meeting all different kinds of people, Devin hopes to create artwork that is universal and can be understood and appreciated by everyone.


Devin is a junior in the Kennesaw State University School of Art and Design with a concentration in drawing and painting. Although he had no formal art training before coming to KSU, as a child he would often draw cartoon characters and he was able to put together an impressive art portfolio when applying to the program. A native of Acworth, Devin enjoys the fact that KSU is close to home and close to his family. “KSU has a great art department and the professors really push students to do well,” Devin explains. “I really enjoy that they allow me the freedom to do what I want with my artwork.”


Assistant Professor Don Robson has been one of Devin’s favorite professors in the program, and Devin says that he was “pivotal” for his growth as an artist. “He really pushed me both as an artist and as an individual,” Devin says. Robson has watched Devin’s artwork improve while at KSU, “in one semester Devin advanced from a skilled art student to an artist who maturely interprets our world,” Robson explains. Robson is also impressed with Devin’s ingenuity. “He’s not afraid to explore new, unfamiliar paths of creative expression,” Robson adds.


Devin currently works as a studio assistant for internationally acclaimed artist Radcliffe Bailey, who recently showed the exhibit “Memory as Medicine” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. “I have been really fortunate to have been exposed to a lot of different aspects of the local art community for such a young artist,” he explains. “I think I have a good footing in the community and a good outlook for my future as an artist.” After graduating, Devin hopes to fully immerse himself in the Atlanta arts community.


Devin’s advice to other young artists is to always follow your heart. “Do what you think is right as an artist, even if you face adversity,” he says. “And be prepared to work hard. It’s not always an easy task being an artist, but you have to always do the best that you can.”


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