Posting Date: May 16, 2012


Meet Julianne Trew: An abstract artist

By Shira Zobrist

Julianne Trew

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Artwork by Julianne Trew

Julianne Trew’s middle school sketchbooks are full of abstract art. Now a brand-new graduate from Kennesaw State University’s Department of Visual Arts, Julianne continues to create art in a unique, abstract and non-objective way all her own.

Julianne grew up in Douglasville, Ga., and decided to come to KSU to take advantage of the HOPE scholarship and to avoid a huge university setting. She had been taking art classes throughout her childhood and she knew that art was what she was supposed to do. “The art faculty here are great and I love the campus and the community feeling I have with my classmates. KSU has really been a great fit for me.”

Since coming to KSU, Julianne has developed an unusual method to her artwork that is now a part of almost every work she produces. She applies paint to an entire blank surface and then wipes it away with a variety of utensils including Q-tips and paper towels. Julianne first learned this technique during an art exercise in Associate Professor Robert Sherer’s class. “I immediately latched on to this method,” Julianne recalls, “and it fits well with my abstract style.”

Sherer has had other positive effects on Julianne’s work and her identity as an artist. “Prof. Sherer understands the direction that I am coming from with my artwork, and he is really encouraging,” Julianne states. Sherer is equally impressed with her. “Julianne has a great work ethic and is extremely focused on creating her work. She is a prolific creator and I have witnessed her art becoming more sophisticated, less like student work.”

Julianne’s interests and talents extend beyond the art studio. In addition to her concentration in drawing and painting, Julianne is completing a minor in Chinese studies. She is also a member of several on-campus organizations, including Visions Student Art Guild, Environmental Alliance and Progressive Earth Alliance at Kennesaw.

Off campus, Julianne's artwork was recently selected as a "top pick" at the Off-the-Wall Pin-Up Show at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. She is currently represented by Mason Murer Gallery in Atlanta and her work will be featured in a group of 20 up-and-coming young artists in summer 2012.


After graduation, Julianne goal is to continue working as a studio artist and continue making connections in the Atlanta art community. Ten years from now she hopes to be established as a successful artist with showings in galleries across the country and the world. Her advice to new artists is to persevere, learn as much as you can and “never be discouraged from doing something that you love.”


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