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Meet Kindra Wells: An artist with a mission

By Brittany Kell

Kindra Wells

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Kindra Wells has a passion for teaching children art. “I have always wanted to help children understand that they can express themselves through art,” explains the art education major. “It is such a positive outlet for creativity.”


The decision to attend Kennesaw State was an easy one for the Forsyth native. Kindra’s older sister attended KSU and Kindra fell in love with the university during her visits. In fact, she never even applied to another college. “I love how diverse the campus is,” Kindra shares. “It is amazing to be able to interact with so many students that are not like me.” 


Now a junior in the School of Art and Design, Kindra’s instructors inspire her to work hard to cultivate her passions. Kindra says, “With the help of the incredible visual arts professors, I have learned to think more conceptually and explore more ideas.” Deborah Hutchinson, assistant professor of 3D art, describes Kindra as “the kind of student you look forward to teaching. She is vivacious and enthusiastic and her work is inventive and well-crafted.”


Initially, Kindra was focused primarily on drawing.  Since coming to KSU, she expanded her skills in an array of different art forms, including printmaking and 3D art. Kindra uses her art to explore themes of nature, emotions and spirituality. “Art allows me to have an outlet for my emotions,” Kindra comments. “Art helps me say what I want to say without having to say it. It’s limitless.”


As a result of her hard work and dedication, Kindra has maintained the HOPE scholarship every semester. She also volunteers with local schools to gain more teaching experience. After graduation, Kindra plans on teaching art to high school students. Kindra explains, “I plan on having as many different experiences as possible to build my character and grow as an artist.”


For others wishing to pursue a major in art education, Kindra suggests, “Figure out what your passion is and don’t worry about other’s opinions. Do what makes you happy while helping others at the same time.”



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