Posting Date: April 30, 2012


Meet Rich Searle: Master printmaker

By Brittany Kell

Rich Searle

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Downtown train by Rich Searle

Rich Searle has always had a passion for art.  Now a senior at Kennesaw State, the Marietta native has been studying visual arts on a part-time basis for the past eight years.  “I chose KSU because it was close to where I live and the art program was growing,” explains Rich.


Since coming to KSU, Rich feels he has grown tremendously as an artist.  “All the of the instructors have something different to bring to the table.  They get the students involved in anything they can and work hard to help you get your work out there.” With the help of his professors, Rich’s work has been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta for a pin-up show and at the High Museum of Art for a student show.  Later this spring, Rich’s work will be featured in the KSU Senior Exhibition.


Under the guidance of Valerie Dibble, professor of art, Rich discovered his talent for printmaking.  Printmaking, or relief printing, is a series of wood-working techniques used together to form a final piece.  Professor Dibble says, “Rich is always in the studio and always helping everyone with their work.  He has a consistent vision, excellent craftsmanship and quality work.  His personal vision continues to get stronger and stronger.”


Rich has been honored academically through the Dean’s List and the President’s List.  In addition, he has maintained his HOPE scholarship over the course of his academic career.  He is a member of Visions, the student art guild as well as the co-founder of the KSU Printmaking Club.


Outside of KSU, Rich makes times for a few personal hobbies.  He enjoys music and plays the guitar in his spare time.  He is also enjoys digital painting.


After graduating later this spring, Rich will begin KSU's masters in art teaching program in the summer.  He wants to teach art at the college level in order to inspire students to hone their talents.  For others wishing to pursue art, Rich suggests, “Don’t quit.  I have seen so many students give up.  Keep with it.  Keep up your grades and workload.  Don’t let real life get in the way of your dreams.”



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