Posting Date: May 3, 2011


Meet Tim Prevatt: A master of mediums
By Megan Roberts


Tim Prevatt applied to the Kennesaw State university

Department of Visual Arts after watching his

Tim Prevatt

Photos by Tracie L. Hinnant

brother attend KSU. From his brother, Tim already knew he would enjoy his time at KSU. Once he became involved with the College of the Arts, he also realized the importance of working with multiple art forms. Now, Tim is deeply involved with his schooling and his art work, using both to help him achieve his goals.

As an artist, Tim loves working with his hands. “I’ve always enjoyed making something out of nothing,” Tim says. He experiments with multiple types of mediums, from metal working to ceramics. When he first entered the program, he never would have guessed he would end up with a concentration in ceramics. “I think that if I wasn’t at KSU, I wouldn’t work with as much metal or ceramics,” he explains. “The program here allows me to broaden my horizons as an artist.”

Tim’s style gravitates toward things that appear old or ancient, as well as abstract forms. The time he spends with his professors at school encourages him to keep his personal technique polished. “The professors are very detailed in helping me achieve the final product,” Tim says. Assistant Professor of Sculpture Deborah Hutchinson explains, “Tim is a devoted craftsman and isn’t afraid to tackle new methods and materials in order to achieve his design visions.”

In his free time, he visits festivals to interact with other artists and is working towards entering his own work in future festivals.

After graduating from KSU, Tim plans to travel and learn different ways to make money through his art. He believes intertacing with other artists and their work is beneficial to everyone in the art field.  “Travel is number one for me,” he says. “There’s too much to see, and if you can see the world and what other people are doing, that’s great.”


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