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Meet Taylor White: Graphic designer, sculptor, artist

By Shira Kerce

Taylor White

Photo by Tracie Hinnant

"Greatest Voyage" by Taylor White

When Taylor White was a child it was her father who first sparked her interest in computers. “He taught me all about computers, how to make websites and how to use software programs,” Taylor recalls. Now, Taylor is a junior in the Kennesaw State University School of Art and Design, combining her interests in computers and art with a concentration in graphic communication.


Taylor first became interested in coming to KSU when her high school art teacher encouraged her to apply, telling her it was great program that she would enjoy. Taylor’s favorite thing about the school is the fact it allows her the opportunity to explore various forms of art. “I really enjoy that in the art department here you can learn whatever you want,” Taylor explains. “You can focus on your area of concentration, but also take classes in other disciplines and have an introduction to art in many different mediums.”


Taylor loves to experiment with her art and, in addition to graphic design, she enjoys sculpture and jewelry making. She uses her interest in different forms of art to make her art more interesting and unique. “I like combining different elements in my artwork,” Taylor says. “For example, taking the textures and colors from sculpture into my jewelry, or incorporating the simplicity of web design into my sculpture.”


One of Taylor’s favorite professors in the School of Art and Design is Assistant Professor Deborah Hutchinson. Taylor explains, “I have been able to talk to her about my future, possible careers and what direction I want to take my artwork.” With Taylor’s strong work ethic and resolve, Hutchinson believes that she will go far. “She has a great eye and sense of design. She has great ideas and she is devoted to what she does,” Hutchinson says. “She is definitely a person to watch in the future.”


Despite her many interests, Taylor’s main artistic focus lies in graphic design and web design. “I really enjoy the artistic element in creating websites,” Taylor says. “There is a really interesting and unique language of web design and it is exciting to be a part of it.” After she graduates Taylor hopes to continue working in web design and to continue to learn and grow in the field.


Her advice to other young artists is to remain open to experimenting with what interests them. “You have so many options to try to learn new things, and you should take advantage of every opportunity.”


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