Meet Isaac Fowler: Creating visually appealing and functional art

Isaac Fowler

Photograph by Melissa Ray

By Vanessa H. Fardin

Everything Isaac Fowler creates relates to art. “There are many kinds of arts, and my perspective of what constitutes an ‘artist’ may be different than that of a musician, a dancer, or a performer,” he says.

A native of Georgia, Isaac was homeschooled all the way to college, after which he decided to pursue a degree in art. His mother encouraged this dream. “My grandmother on my mother's side was a painter and my father is a photographer,” he says. “I also paint and draw.”

After graduating from high school, Isaac researched the field of graphic design and discovered it was something he could do. “I had been creating art my whole life,” Isaac says, “and never thought of it as a career option. It was my hobby. What initially inspired me was the visual appeal of art. As I get deeper into graphic design, however, I realize I take a lot of joy in creating things that are functional as well.”   

Isaac initially applied to Kennesaw State University for its affordability. “I have friends who attend other universities and are in the same field,” he says. “In my conversations with them, I realize how rewarding and fulfilling my experience at KSU has been thus far.” 

He credits Associate Professor of Art Jeanne Sperry with having the greatest influence on his academic career. “Her teaching method resonates with my learning style, as she wants us to ‘try out our wings’ and runs the classroom like a job. She expects everyone to be self-motivated and ambitious on their own.”  

Isaac explains that the functional aspect of graphic design appeals to his artistic senses versus personal creative freedom in the field. “It is important,” he says, “to take the time to understand the idea and its function before creating. In graphic design, there is no finite point of success because there are always new developments in design.”


Isaac hopes to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic communications in the coming year. He has several plans for post-graduation. “I’d like to work in a graphic design field such as advertising and branding, and create things that are functional and look good,” he says. “I’d like to work for someone who is much better than I am so I can learn from them.” One day he hopes to open a design firm and mentor other graphic designers. 

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