Posting Date: September 13, 2010

Meet Steve Revill: Future art educator

By Andrea C. Kirwan

Steve Revill

Photo by Sarah Singleton

Pin Metalsmithing artwork by Steve Revill

Steve Revill was always a doodler in high school, and eventually his habit produced the spark that ignited the fire of his artistic passion. While doodling in English class, his unconscious scribbles caught the attention of a fellow student who played in a band.  He found Steve’s drawings to be so unique and interesting that he asked if he could use them for his band’s album cover. For the first time, Steve began to consider taking his art seriously.

Steve came to Kennesaw State University in 2004 after attaining a graphic arts degree from another university. Having worked in graphic design, he developed an itch to teach art. After hearing that KSU has a well-respected art program, he was admitted and quickly devoted his time and energy to art education.

Steve has taken part in several visual arts student groups including Visions Student Art Guild, The KSU Sculpture Club and the KSU student chapter of the National Art Education Association. “Steve is an art education student who has thoroughly taken advantage of various studio initiatives,” explains Sandra Bird, associate professor of art education. “If there is a special opportunity for our visual arts students to explore, including ‘drive-by’ printing workshops, glassblowing seminars or even helping Prof. Keith Smith with raku firing, Steve is sure to be in the thick of it.”

As an art education major, Steve hopes to develop an array of skills and knowledge involving various art forms so he is prepared to teach and understand the interests of each student. Assistant Professor Maria Sarmiento observes Steve is a “very responsible and dedicated student who loves working in mixed media and is a well-rounded artist."

Steve has participated in several art shows on and off campus, including three shows at the Visions Gallery. Last year, Steve won Crossroads of London, a ceramics and relics art competition in Macon.

While at KSU, Steve has found his professors to be one of the most inspiring aspects of his experience.  “The professors are personable, but not easy. They push you to do more and want to see you succeed as much as you want to. They drive you as far as you can go,” says Steve.

Future students who are lucky enough to be under Steve's instruction are sure to gain the experience and insight with which he has dedicated himself to practicing.  He attributes his success as a student by simply stating that the key is, “Doing the stuff you love and not worrying so much about whether people like it or not."


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