Posting Date: October 8, 2010

Meet John Dembroski: Printmaker with a purpose
By Brian Tucker

John Dembroski

Photo by Sarah Singleton

Senior visual arts major John Dembroski was working three jobs when he made the decision to come back to college. Upon visiting the Kennesaw State University campus, he quickly gravitated from the Burruss Building to the Visual Arts Building, deciding that his interest in printmaking would be more fulfilling than a business degree. As the 2010 recipient of The Color Spot scholarship and internship, John is putting his passion for art to work.

"I feel like I came back to school at the right time," says John. "The art students at KSU are so tight-knit, and we are always giving each other good feedback. Everyone here is in it to win it." When asked about his latest printmaking project, John details it and pulls out his woodworking tools to show them off. Although his focus is on printmaking and graphic design, he has also studied screenprinting in his art classes and at The Color Spot. "It's addictive," John says of printmaking. "The ability to make something my own, and knowing how much work I've put into it is very liberating."

John is quick to credit Valerie Dibble, associate professor of art, as the guiding force in his foray into printmaking. "She placed me on the right track. I started working with woodcutting and screenprinting and felt a lot more comfortable as an artist because of her continued guidance."

Dibble is forthcoming with praise for her student. "John is a very well balanced student. He is creative, talented and has good organizational skills. Because he is so creative he has a good product to promote. He also has a high level of knowledge of technology so he can embrace contemporary tools as an artist as well," she explains.

John is gearing up for his senior show this fall and is excited to share an intriguing preview of his theme: "I'm working on a series that comments on how an image can reveal many layers of meaning upon further examination. Today, with the rate technology moves, we are bombarded with constant visual stimulation and we don't allow ourselves to absorb what we see. If we took the time to probe and ask questions about what is really going on, we may become enlightened and share a new perspective on the subject. Technology has surpassed our sociology and it is noticeably stunting our social growth."

As for his future plans, John would like to continue making art, specifically printmaking. "I love the fact that almost anything is art—there's an art form to everything. Whether it's flipping a hamburger or screenprinting, you should take pride in your work as an artist." It's safe to say that John will be doing the latter for years to come.


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