Posting Date: November 4, 2010

Meet Cristina Guerrero: Snapshot of an artist

By Andrea C. Kirwan

Cristina Guerrero

Photo by Sarah Singleton

Artwork by Cristina Guerrero

Unaware of what to expect, Cristina Guerrero left Miami in 2006 and found her way to the Kennesaw State University Department of Visual Arts. Four years later, she has been involved in an array of different types of photography including journalistic, conceptual and commercial. Having never considered herself an artist, Cristina has proved herself wrong.

“Conceptual photography is my favorite. I have learned to free my imagination and bring my ideas to a creative place through photography. I am interested in two things: the beauty of a woman and her heart for adventure,” she explains. “My work creates a beginning and allows the viewer to determine its end. I believe we all long to be inspired, and my work talks about letting go of that fear and entering into a world where anything is possible.“

Cristina has exhibited her work at the KSU Visions Gallery, Arts in the Square, the Kibbee Gallery, Aurora Coffee, MOCA Pin Up and the KSU exhibition of student work at the High Musuem of Art. “My favorite project was one I photographed underwater. The photos were displayed on small 8x8 handmade light boxes. Light is a very strong component in my work so displaying them this way was very helpful,” Cristina says.

Matthew Haffner, assistant professor of art, says, "Cristina has been a great student to guide and mentor over the last couple years. Her work is exceedingly developed for an undergraduate student and her ideas and concepts have matured in tandem with her photographic shooting style."

Studying at KSU has helped Cristina grow as an artist and she attributes her growth to her art professors. “KSU art professors are not just excellent teachers, but they are practicing artists as well,” she says. “They are professionals at what we are trying to become and are not afraid to tell you the truth and provide a constructive way for you to grow as an artist.”

“I have learned true humility in this program. Accepting correction time and time again is what will make me into a great artist,” Cristina says. I know I will be walking out these doors a completely different person than who I was four years ago.”

Upon graduating, Cristina plans to travel and explore new places and continue her involvement with local art galleries. “It’s life around me that inspires me, photography is just the tool to help me express it.”


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