Posting Date: November 14, 2013

Meet Jocelyn Rease: An inventive chameleon

By Alyssa Sellors            

Jocelyn Rease

photo by Shane McDonald

Good with details, able to work with any style and incredibly inventive, Jocelyn Rease is a true artistic chameleon.

After graduating with an Associate’s Degree in drafting, Jocelyn did not feel fully accomplished, and she knew she wanted to return to her original dream of becoming an art teacher. Now, she’s pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in art education at Kennesaw State University’s School of Art and Design, and her dream is in sight.

Jocelyn’s parents had an idea that Jocelyn would pursue something in creative arts when they watched her create new shades of color by mixing crayons while she was still in Pre-Kindergarten. Her art teacher even started making up art projects just for her. From that point on, Jocelyn has embraced creativity from multiple outlets, even writing. Jocelyn wrote her first poem in the seventh grade after gaining attention from teachers who encouraged her to keep a journal. It wasn’t until high school that she got into art and drawing. Her high school art teacher, whom she still visits often, had high expectations of her and Jocelyn has exceeded all of those expectations.

Jocelyn came to KSU because of the high standards present in the art program. “It just seems real, and intense,” says Jocelyn. “You know you are learning while also creating, and you are forced to create off the top of your head.” During her time at KSU, Jocelyn knows she is learning while also creating. Although it’s often intense, she feels the challenges have allowed her to grow as an artist. She says her biggest accomplishment so far at KSU has simply been getting into the art program, but she knows the professors help her through on a daily basis. “They believe you deserve to be here,” says Jocelyn.

Her talent as an artist has not gone unnoticed by her professors in the School of Art and Design. Cathryn Miles, assistant professor of art, uses Jocelyn’s work as examples to current students when teaching. “She has an intuitive design ability to work with patterns, textures and colors,” says Miles.

Jocelyn has taken her advice from professors to heart, since she is so free in her art and seeks to grow as an artist. The best advice given to her from professors has been quite truly, “Simplicity.” Although she finds herself struggling to keep things simple, her ability to adapt to different mediums, demands and situations has made her stand out in the School of Art and Design.

Outside of KSU, Jocelyn enjoys writing and working on outside projects with what she learns in her classes. After graduation, she hopes to teach art at the high school level in Georgia. Her advice to other up-and-coming art students is simply, “if you believe in it, work for it,” a mantra which she has illustrated in her career here at KSU.




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